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YSMO Representative Visits Republic of Tunisia
Under the direction of e/ Ahmed AL- Basha ,The General Director of YSMO , e/ Ahmed Abu Taleb , The Manager of Information Center , visited the republic of Tunisia in order to activate the agreements which had done with  the institute of standardization  and industrial ownership and also with the national council of accreditation in Tunisia .    Mr. Abu Taleb met Mr. Aiman AL- Maky , The General Director of the Institute , and they discuss the cooperation faces between YSMO and the Institute of Standardization and Industrial Ownership and also with the National Council of Accreditation in Tunisia .   The General Director focused on the necessary of offering the technical support for  YSMO to enhance the cooperation faces between the two countries . In addition to that another meeting was held between the representatives of the two sides and as a result they signed time program to execute the cooperation protocol in the field of metrology activities .   They agreed to execute the program in the obligatory period from 2009 to 2010 . Mr. Abu Taleb also met Ms. Dur Saf  Zongor  , the General Director of National Council of Accreditation , and Mr. Moeiz AL-Bogaleen  , The Responsible of the Foreign Relations .    In the meeting which was held to enhance the cooperation in the field of accreditation and conformity assessment and to make use of  the Tunisian experiences in the field of developing the system of accreditation and conformity assessment in the Republic of Yemen to facilitate the commercial exchanging that would serve the two sides .