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General Director Elected as First Vice President
E\ Ahmed Al-Basha , the general director of YSMO , was elected as First Vice-President for the Arabic Union of measuring and calibration for 4 years. This election was in the general assembly meeting of Arabic union. Mr.Al-Basha , in his return to sana’a after participating with Yemeni delegation in the general assembly meeting of Arabic union, said that Yemeni participation acquired the interesting of general assembly members . He also said that the Yemeni delegation made working paper on the development of metrology in Yemen and its experience in the field of measuring and calibration . In addition to that , the general assembly accept the future work plane of the union and Arabic program community for metrology . It was agreed that the coming administrative board of union would be held in Syria according to its invitation . Mr.Al- Basha encouraged the Arabic , national and private institutions to join the Arabic ,national and private institutions and to join the Arabic union , which would serve all the Arabic countries . He also mentioned that the Yemeni delegation visited the national egyptian institute of measuring and they discuss the cooperation faces between the organization and institute and the possibility of utilization from the experiences of Egyptian side in this field. The Arabic union of measuring and calibration for metrology was established recently . Its goal is to support and develop the regional Arabic system for measuring and  calibration to build the trust in measurements, tests and calibrations and then reaching the international recognition and removing the technical bariers before the movement of Arabic trade . ALSO to solve the technical and commercial problems in order to achieve the economic complementarity between Arabic countries.