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Quality Equestrian
on the occasion of World Day for Standardization, The Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality and in cooperation with the organizers of the celebration and honoring festival " Egypt ISO2010,"and also with the participation of the World Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the presence of the Arab and international organizations and bodies and the most prominent figures of economic and political developments who got the international quality certificates ,  organized the festival of quality equestrian honoring for 2010 .     In this event  Yemen represented  by  YSMO  and its General Director got award of Quality Equestrian Shield 2010 , ISO medal for merit and Certificate of Merit. That festival coincided with the celebrations of the Yemeni revolution festivals of our country, and has added to YSMO a new asset at the Arab and the international level.          On this occasion, we send our warmest congratulations to  ENG./ Ahmed  Al-Basha and we wish him and YSMO more excellence and success. Congratulators : All the employees of YSMO in the headquarters and branches