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World Standard day (Hauberk of quality equestrian rewarding)
    On the coming Thursday 14 October 2010,the world will solemnize the world day of standard in cairo. In this event,our country will get the hauberk of quality equestrian as a reward.E/Ahmed Al-Basha said that this honoring will refelect the developed level of Yemeni standard and metrology and it also will enhance the trust on Yemeni products in abroad .      Mr. Al-basha also said in a press conference held yesterday in YSMO regarding the world standard day , that YAMO works for consumer and environment protection and supporting of national economic through applying the tasks, authorities and technical systems according to the law and the regulations worldly applied .  He indicated that this celebration will be under the title of “standards availability “ to be concerned with the handicapped .In addition to that , he talked about some of YSOM activities from January to august 2010 such as :- Testing and analyzing of 43650 samples( alimentarious and others ). - In the field of auditing and quality control they tested 34650 shipments and 32468 of them were accepted and 292 were rejected because of violation and 47850 cartons were destroyed and 13917 cartons were re-exported . - Making 2572 market surveillances in Sana’a and some of the governorates and discovering 644 violations for the quantity of 19655 kg . He add that YSMO will be full member substantially in ISO by January 2011 for its development in the process of auditing on the goods . He also mentioned that YSMO intends to prepare and execute 2000 standard during the period of the fourth plan of economical and social development 2011-2015 so as to enclose the fields of services and goods from any sort and source in addition to the improving of YSMO works and getting over the difficulties financially and technically and enhancing the cooperation relationship with the others .