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Under the logo of standards that’er available to the all , the world celebrates theinternational day of standardization
    the world celebrates on the fourteenth of October  from each year of world day for standardization where a joint statement was issued by the ISO organizations (ISO) , electrotechnical organizations ( IEC) and the Information and communication organizations (IIU) The statement pointed to the impact of standards to facilitate devices and machinery industry that can be used easily by people with special needs (disabilities by various disabilities )      It pointed out that at least 650 million people around the world suffer from different kinds of disabilities , including aging . Where the people over the age of sixty years represents a rate of 25% , and by 2050, most of citizens from the developing countries will get disability. So, the most elderly and disabled people in the world are demanding the equality to access a social , political , economic , natural life , like any ordinary person , including the simplicity to get the information , communication , and the ability to use the lifts and operate the devices and use them safety without exposing them to the risk . The statement assured that the international standards give the manufacture and service providers the adequate guidance to design the products to be accessible to everyone . In addition to that , the standards give a strong foundation for publishing the technological innovations in all developing and advanced countries , helping to increase the size of the world trade. Also, the engineer / Ahmed Ahmed Al.basha , who is the general director of the organization that the organization will held a meeting for this occasion on the next Monday day . He discussed the importance of the international day message of standardization for this year. Furthermore , some of the issues relate to the standardization and the role of organization in this side.