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New controls for energy drinks
Yemen Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control issued a new regulation for controls the production , import and trading of non-alcoholic energy drinks ,which includes in its article 2 number of points and the most important one was the obligating by the production, processing and product packaging.     According to the standard of Yemen in terms of compliance with those Product specification and the absence of any material that violates the rules of Islamic law and didn’t circulated them until subjecting them to registration and the corresponding procedures of YSMO ,and to prevent mixing those drinks with counterparts from other beverages in places of direct sales (canteens, markets ... etc.) in which the relative bodies are concerned to tighten the observation procedures.   The regulations also tightened on producers and importers of energy drinks not to mention any statements shaded to the consumer (such as tonic, nourishing, magic ... etc) or show the product as a higher quality and wider interest, and that all the information of the content of the product and the risks of misuse should the be written in the label and clarify the warning words . In addition to clarification of the amounts allowed for materials used in manufacturing , energy drink, of as well as the validity period of drinks in  the different package .   Engineer / Ahmed Ahmed Al.Besha, General director of  YSMO calls all producers and importers of energy drinks to adhere to  the  regulations  , which will be announced and posted on the YSMO website  to avoid legal action against offenders, and he said that all consumers should investigate when buying and make sure that all the information are on the Product label and cooperation with the concerned authorities by reporting the existence of any violations, emphasising  at the same time that he will take strict measures, including stopping the entry of any drinks imported from the port and drag and forfeiture of any amounts in the markets and the traders and importers should obligate by the obligations and the issued standards within a period not more than 3 months from the date of the regulation issuing .