It is difficult for a person to live isolated from the other in today's world in which things have been reduced, so that the whole world, in all its details, is crammed into a window not exceeding an inch of a square meter, knowing its secrets and components in sound and image through that window.Therefore, it would be foolish for a person to turn his back on what is going on in today's world of movement inhabited by knowledge ... which is now the making of life ... a world that recognizes only those who probe into its depths and interact with its data and the requirements for integration into it .. That is, you have to go with and keep pace with each passing around you, active and interacting with that .. so as not to become a relic of the past, and time has passed you .. that today's accounts are accounts for interacting numbers .. have imprinted on the advancement of human paths created industrial revolution .. that information age ... to transcend it into the age of human knowledge ... the age of nanotechnology ... which reflects itself on today's culture in terms of imposing wills... Because power, in its moral essence, imposesconcepts of the strong ones according to thier standards without considerations of the standards and culture of the others who did not account for the next moment in which they will become a number Unmotivated,and with no value .. Therefore, from this understanding, which we believe is a common understanding of the elite thinkers of nation. It is necessary to think seriously about getting out of the lived present to the desired interaction within the human movement and according to the method that our ancestors worked and left it for us documented to add new knowledge to it, but we left that great heritage and West took it and developed it according to scientific standards that prevail through the world .. So the West set standards for goods ... and services ... and specify the necessary procedures to be followed and social responsibilities.And making the condition of integration in the movement of world trade and integration into the global economy subject to the implementation of those standards ... while we are aware that there are standards applied in duality .. However, no one can deviate from the basic system of standards as long as one takes a decision to merge as mentioned above unless it is an effective and influential figure in the international system .. that figure will be able to negotiate and impose what it wants to achieve. Hence, we in YSMO ... consider ourselves not far from international variables, at least related to trade and trade facilitation ... especially when Yemen, have taken a decision to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) and are well aware of the requirements for joining and the obligations related to it .. Including the adoption of transparency in dealing with information and making it available to all .. so that this interactive website comes to meet these requirements and reflect its picture of what YSMO is taking towards building its capabilities that put it on its right path. In addition to the presence of other regional commitments .. such as Yemen's joining the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO), which must be a counted number in those two systems..and this is what we will work on within our activities during the next phase and we need effort and capabilities that must be made available to achieve What we want and what is required to harmonize our activities in accordance with international standards and requirements related to the activity of standards, and the resulting benefits. Director general of YSMO

Director General Speech


Deputy Finance Director

Dr. Kamal Margham Responsible for Financial and Administrative Affairs of YSMO


Deputy Technical Director

Dr. Rabab Abu Asbaa In charge of Technical Staff and Technica Affairs

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