A training course in the field of manufacturing Detergents, Disinfectants and Sterilizers:

A training course in the field of manufacturing detergents, disinfectants and sterilizers… Sana'a September 20, 2020 (SABA)- Today started in Sana'a, the training course organized by YADON TABNEY Development Foundation in cooperation with Yemen Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control Organization (YSMO). The ten-day course aims to provide participants with theoretical skills, knowledge and practical applications on how to manufacture detergents and disinfectantsIn the opening ceremony, General director of YSMO, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Moayad, indicated that course comes within the framework of joint cooperation between YSMO and Yadon Adopt Foundation for Development to qualify a number of young people in the field of manufacturing disinfectants and sterilizers through the practical application of their production in the various laboratories of YSMO using scientific methods and standards . He stressed that YSMO is ready to qualifing young people in various bodies, institutions, associations and authorities , in a way that would achieve self-sufficiency by finding qualified and trained working hands. For his part, the Executive Director of Yadon Development , Saleh Al-Masqaf appreciated the cooperation of YSMO and its support in the field of economic empowerment, training and qualification of its cadres and give opportunity for practical training in its laboratories. He pointed out that this course aims to empower youth economically to reduce unemployment, reviewing the foundation’s plans and activities in various aspects of training and qualifying, developing youth capabilities and their skills. The opening was attended by YSMO Deputy Director General for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Kamal Margham. .